The healthcare and medical marketing agency that grows on you

We are a medical marketing agency that drives ROI by tailoring teams, plans, creative work and technology to the exact needs of every client. Our flexibility makes us cost effective. The boldness of our thinking drives exceptional results. See our ROI Portfolio.

Experience Scaled to your needs.
Whether it’s a project or something bigger, your business will be in the hands of experts – digital strategists, creatives, programmers, socializers, PR pros, engagement specialists, and content whipper uppers.

Healthcare behemoths and startups welcome.
Biotica wants to work with clients who want aggressive marketing to grow their brands. Whether it’s a few people working in a garage on the next mechanical heart, a healthcare system starting up an educational campaign, or you an email needs to be turned around to promote an event. We would love to the opportunity to talk to all of you! Quotes available on request.

Trophitity v. Results
We have the hardware. Over 140 awards and counting. But we think you’ll be more interested in the healthcare marketing portfolio and results that go with them.

Pay more in Chicago, LA, or NYC.
But you won’t get better work. Compared to global agencies, and those on the left- and right-coast, Biotica is downright reasonable. But most clients, at least in the flyover states, consider us mid-range. Let us give you a quote, and we’ll talk about it.

Clients that Matter
See our healthcare marketing client experience for details. Our clientele ranges from local and regional hospitals, national and international medical device companies, and startups. We think you’ll fit in just fine.