Inside the Minds of Biotica Healthcare


Our top-level managers all have 15 to 20 years of experience, industry awards and documented case studies. We’re sensitive to the regulatory environment. We’re excited about what we do and it shows in the work.


There’s only one Biotica Healthcare. We’re don’t belong to an over-larded agency network and its attendant bureaucracy. We can move quickly to provide what our clients need 24/7, and to respond to opportunities.

track record

We have the numbers to prove our effectiveness. And we weave metrics and analytics into our reporting to you, and as a tool to refine our work.

all for one

Biotica offers all the marketing services you need from a single agency: strategic planning, digital advertising, web development, public relations and social media.


Partner / Branding Director
Partner / Creative Director
Partner / Public Relations Director
Director, Digital and Web Development
Susan Abramovitz

With over 30 years’ experience in with medical devices, capital equipment and healthcare systems, Susan is a master strategist who knows which questions to ask. Susan helps our clients develop brand strategy and deliver powerful, coordinated messages across all digital, broadcast and print channels.

When she’s not building brands, or hatching the next big idea, Susan enjoys reading, writing, paper crafting, and cooking (especially baking). There are few days that can’t be brightened with a great cake or cookie! She’s also a proud Trekkie and Rebel Alliance member standing against the evil of the Galactic Empire. May the Force be with you.

Bill Abramovitz

Hard-wired creativity and a passion for strategy combine to make Bill one of the most effective creative directors you’re likely to define.

Bill’s natural talents mingle with years of experience in the creative fields, hustling as a copywriter, symphony French hornist, producer, marketing director and creative director before co-founding his own creative agency.

Bill’s list of degrees and certificates is too long to note here. When he’s not working on learning something new, you’ll find him at the potter’s wheel or the writing desk, or plopped on the couch inhaling the news.

Ben Singleton

Ben’s forte at Biotica Healthcare is public relations, corporate communications, media relations, social responsibility and crisis communications and creating and curating social media content.

Ben has almost 30 years-experience as a military officer, mostly in public affairs and communications. During his last deployment on Afghanistan, he was a project officer who worked with local government officials and farmers to develop agricultural and business systems. Ben’s also wrangled cats at a radio station, serving as executive director and general manager.

A self-admitted hipster, we count on Ben to always find the next hot restaurant first. When not at work you’ll find him in the garden or perhaps with his nose in a book.

Phil Stinson

Phil is adept at assessing a client’s business problems and defining a clear-cut, cost effective, digital solution. From building masterful websites to developing the latest killer app, he turns the virtual into reality. Phil specializes in the health care and medical technology fields and easily connects with both technical and non-technical clients alike.

In his free time, Phil golfs, hunts and plays with his kids, sometimes all at the same time. Because he is just that efficient.

One of Phil’s specialties is HIPPA audits for healthcare institutions.

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