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Strategies and platform expertise for targeting patients, doctors and influencers.

Social media is a crucial part of the mix in healthcare marketing. Whether you focus on consumers, doctors, nurses, or administrators. Everyone wants to know the organization they’re working with is experts and understands, engages and likes them. And perceives them as more than a sales target.

Aside from taking pics of their funny waffles, doctors seek clinical information and confer with colleagues, and patients are educated about their medical conditions. Most device manufacturers and healthcare organizations can’t afford to be absent from this chain of influence.

10 secrets to our social media success

We want to grow your brand without creating more noise on the Internet. So we’ve developed a process for integrating social media into your marketing and making it as effortless as possible. Here’s our 10-step process.

  1. Define our purpose for social media marketing in the first place. Are we building brand awareness, educating, or building loyalty/
  2. Get into the heads of the people we’re targeting, write personas. Suggest the best channels to reach your target
  3. Develop ideas for content that our audience will love.
  4. Wrap 1, 2 & 3 up into a plan that you can use to sell social internally, get feedback from your colleagues, and kick it around with us until it feels just right.
  5. Create synchronized content release schedules that take advantage of recycling and re-purposing to maximize return on your content investment.
  6. Work with your or someone else in the company to ensure we’re covering social media moments within your company.
  7. We will suggest an analytics report that will track growth and align with performance metrics you’ve already set up.
  8. You need policies for handling situations on your feed, e.g. consumer complaints and ensuring that your HIPAA guidelines are not violated.
  9. Whip up the first batch of content in our state-of-the-art content kitchen.
  10. Review, adapt, and work hard toward our goals.

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